Finding The Right Spa


… Signs of a good Spa (con’t)

Signs of a good Spa

Nothing to Hide, all information provided up front. Good information is a really important part of your spa experience. You should be able to start enjoying it before you even get there, to really get value for money. Collect any brochures on products, benefits of services and treatments. This will assist you in selecting the right services later. We think you should expect information about the spa and the treatments available to be forthcoming, meaningful and accurate. The information should be consistent between the telephone, brochures, on the Internet and in person. Once you have booked, you should have your booking confirmed in writing ( they can e-mail you), which should also include information on terms and conditions, any cancellation fees, timings, details of how to get there, how long to get there ahead of your treatment and other facilities available or included in your treatment or package. You may also want to find out if they do a confirmation call the day before to remind you of your appointments. Some good spas also include “All you need to know” information at this point, telling you what you do and don’t need to bring and what to expect. You can tell a good spa by how easy they make your trip when you’re there.

  • Are there good signs guiding you around?
  • If they have a suite of hydrotherapy pools, is there information about how to use it.
  • Is pertinent information about equipment posted on the wall near the equipment to explain the proper use?

A good spa should keep you informed of anything that is going on while you’re there. This includes, for example, telling you when the pool might be closed for cleaning, what time you can use the steam room until and whether the sauna is broken. They should let you know these things before you find them out yourself. Communication It’s amazing the difference good communication makes at a spa, in terms of treatments, facilities and your whole visit.

  • Do you know where to wait for your services?
  • Does the therapist actually tell you about what’s going to happen during your treatment and why?
  • Does s/he check whether or not you are allergic to anything?
  • Do they tell you what oils they’re going to use, and is there any choice?
  • Do they ask you if you’re okay, and what you’re happy with during the treatment?
  • Keep in mind that communication is a two way street, so if they don’t ask, make sure you tell them.

Standard of treatment Charging less for a treatment is not an excuse to give you a bad one. You should expect your therapist to know what she or he is doing and to do it well and professionally. They should be sensitive to your feelings and check that you are okay during the treatment. And they should tell you when it has finished, you shouldn’t have to gather it’s finished because they’re leaving the room! ContinueFinding The Right SpaTypes of Spas for youWhat Do You Want in a Spa? The Spa Budget FactorThe Seven Steps To Select a Spa When in Doubt … Check The Spa Out