Finding The Right Spa


… Signs of a good Spa

Signs of a good Spa

Standard of facilities This doesn’t mean you should expect every spa to have Saunas, Steam Tents, Steam Room, Vishay Showers and Hydrotherapy tubs, it means:

  • How good is what they actually have?
  • Are the pools clean?
  • Are they too small or too few for the number of people using them?
  • Are there enough toilets/changing rooms/towels?
  • Did you have to line up for the aroma room?
  • Are there tiles missing or paint peeling off walls, or mold?

When you’re at a spa, you should expect the standard of facility to live up to what the spa tells you, and what you have therefore been led to expect.

  • Is the hydrotherapy pool that looked so huge on the website actually more like a small garden water feature?
  • Does the Turkish hammam feel more like a public toilet?

You should expect the spa facilities to be finished, working, clean and appropriate for what they are used for. Water, water everywhere and plenty to drink! This is an essential as it is actually important to your health. If you’ve been in a sauna for half an hour and don’t have enough fluid, you could pass out. Water should be available throughout a spa, and you should be offered it throughout your visit, as well as actively advised to drink plenty of it. Almost every body or heat treatment you have in a spa will get your lymphatic system going in some way and this will accelerate how quickly your body loses fluid. You are likely to find yourself needing to go to toilet a lot more than usual; toxins come out in water, so you’ll need to replace that water. Rule of thumb is that you should have an extra glass of water for each 15 to 30 minutes of treatment time. More if you are spending any time in a sauna, steam room or gym. Availability of water and advice to drink plenty of it are really good indicators of a good spa. The water should be filtered water, reverse osmosis or bottled water. Remember, if you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Attention to detail In some expensive spas, you can expect single orchids on your towels or perhaps a welcome basket of fruit. As nice as these are, they are not the details we are referring to. It’s about the little things that make the difference to your visit: • Do you know where you’re going? • Do you have enough towels? • Are there magazines to read are they intact, current and well maintained? • Do the locker keys come with a wrist strap? Value for money Whether you paid a lot or a little, do you feel you’re getting your money’s worth? You should. If you don’t, tell them. Be consistent, don’t tell the therapist how great they were, leave a 20% tip and then complain to the manager about the massage. Products A good spa should let you know what products they will use, and why, prior to the actual service experience. However, you should not be expected to purchase anything. At the end they may provide you with a list of those products along with a recommendation based on the issues they observed. A good Service provider will also tell you what follow up treatments or services they would recommend for next time and give you an idea of a time frame for that service especially if it builds on the service you just had. Overall Facilities: Another consideration for choosing your spa is how many people you will be going with. If you are going by yourself, then it is easy to choose. However, if you are going with others you need to ensure that the facility can accommodate you and the services that you want. If four of you want pedicures, and they only have two pedicure chairs or two nail technicians, this spa may not work for you. Take note of how many people they can accommodate at the same time for each of the services. Future Needs to Know Jot your overall impressions down or take photos so you can keep the spas straight if you are visiting more than one spa in a day. Also ask who the best service providers are for the various services. If they say that they are all good, ask who trains the staff members on the services or ask who has developed some of their signature services. Finding The Right SpaTypes of Spas for youWhat Do You Want in a Spa? The Spa Budget FactorThe Seven Steps To Select a Spa When in Doubt … Check The Spa Out