Gemstones Healing


Gemstones as Healing Agents

Belief is something that makes the world goes on and this holds particularly true for gemstones. There have been huge scholastic arguments over the purpose of the invention of Jewels. While the Historians hold that the solitary purpose for which the primitive men collected gemstones was adornment of their bodies, the Astrologers on the other hand are of the view that men have known the secret of the vibration qualities of the gemstones for millennia. The controversy apart, the common men worldwide, especially in the Arab and Asian countries, have always revered the gemstones for their great healing qualities and energy stimulating capacities. From a scientific perspective, their bio-chemical properties infest them with different vibration qualities. Different stones carry different energy-waves and it is believed, wearing these stones and crystals help to transmit that particular energy on the wearer’s personality. Improving one’s integrity, these stones help to connect one’s self to the power of the universe.

Gemstones Healing Properties:

AmethystAmethyst – Cleansing Properties, Assists with Change, Absorbs Negative Energy.



HematiteHematite – Channelize the Divine Currents, Healing Grounding.



FluoriteFluorite – Drive Away Negative Forces



TurquoiseTurquoise – Meditation Agent, Improve Communication.



Yellow_TopazYellow Topaz – Increases Mental Clarity and Reduces Depression. Carnelian Enhances Creativity.



CarnelianCarnelian – Enhances Creativity, Grounding Improve Sleep.



TanzaniteTanzanite – Uplifts and Opens The Heart.



SapphireSapphire – Mental Clarity.



RubyRuby – Opens The Heart, Allows Overcoming Fear, Bring Happiness and Clear Negativity




Helps One To Focus

After your spa services, you may desire to purchase a few gemstones to carry with you. If you do, care and protection are very important for securing good results over a long period of time. The stones should be cleansed thoroughly and regularly to get the undisrupted flow of positive energies. One should remember that healing stones are complimentary to the changes that you would like to create in your life. The gemstones are like the alternative curing procedures like Yoga which aims at easing your ailments by enhancing the internal energies that is hidden within your own self. It is up to you to bring out the best in you.

Even a staunch non believer has to admit that wearing a special stone for a particular purpose helps one to focus on the goals. Similarly a healing stone helps you to enhance your will power to create positive changes. In addition to that, the aesthetic appeals of these gemstones always make them wonderful accessories.