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Medical Spas

The Chopra Center at La Costa Resort and Spa Carlsbad, CA

Deepak Chopra, a leading authority on Ayurvedic medicine and author of The Book of Secrets (see Healing News for a review), is also the founder of one of the top medical spas in the country. The Chopra Center at La Costa focuses primarily on Ayurvedic therapies and wellness programs, and guests generally stay for three to five days, although day packages are also available. Ayurvedic spa therapies like abhyanga (friction massage) and swedana (herbal steam) are provided after a consultation with an Ayurvedic specialist. Seminars such as the Journey into Healing weekend course, which introduces participants to Ayurvedic tools and principles for creating a balanced life, are also offered.

Hilton Head Health Institute Hilton Head Island, SC

For the past twenty-five years, Hilton Head Health Institute has made it its mission to assist guests with permanent weight loss and in the process promote self-acceptance. Their core program includes classes entitled Maximizing Your Metabolism, Preventing Heart Disease and Stroke as well as water classes, strength training, yoga, Pilates, and macrobiotics. Specialty weeks focus on specific issues including how to overcome emotional and stress eating as well as occasional Healthy Table cooking courses. While learning how to balance your eating habits and patterns, enjoy their wide array of spa treatments, including craniosacral therapy, pineapple and papaya body scrubs, and reflexology.

Oasis Center for Wellness & Beauty, Brandon, FL

The Latest Concept in Wellness. a Combination of Beauty, Science and Service. The more chaotic life is the more we realize we all share the need and longing for a peaceful sense of inner balance and harmony and a place of refuge or an “Oasis” of retreat.

if only for a short while. Their treatments focus on boosting vitality and enhancing your quality of life. Our services include medical and spa treatments to make you look and feel your best. We hope you will find Oasis to be the ideal balance between the serenity of a spa and the professionalism and discretion of your personal physician. A great escape for those Florida girlfriends wanting a local escape and long term results.

Medical Spas