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    quad 2 aAmong the many wellness strategies Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa has to offer, now it features a Weight Management and Healthy Lifestyle Program.

    “We can teach you healthy ways to manage your weight,” said owner, medical esthetician and wellness expert Mirka Figueroa, who coordinates with her husband and physician Samuel Figueroa, whom many refer to as “Dr. Sam,” for Dutch Hollows’ clients. “We can help you shed those extra pounds and bring a healthy energy level back into your life.”

    The new program includes weekly consultations, daily meal and nutrition suggestions, vitamin B12 and B6 injections each week to increase metabolism and weight loss medication under the supervision of Dr. Figueroa. Dr. Figueroa is a staff physician at Saint Anthony’s Health Center in the anesthesiology department.

    Dr. Figueroa does a complete physical consultation with each client before starting any nutritional or exercise changes. Mirka Figueroa weighs clients once a week and records what they consumed and when and how much exercise they did.

    She also educates clients about supplements, colon cleansing and European weight-management practices.

    “When you help the weight get under control, you feel better and have more energy and are happier,” Figueroa said.

    Comments from clients inspired Figueroa to add a weight and lifestyle program to Dutch Hollow’s menu.

    “Clients would come for skincare and say ‘My clothes don’t look good, I’m not happy with my body, nothing fits, I’m depressed,'” Figueroa recounted. “I’ve always been interested in nutrition and I have the knowledge and my husband’s background.”

    So Figueroa studied and did more research before starting the program a month ago.

    Figueroa also encourages weight management clients to have massages to rid their body of toxins while helping ease cellulite and stress.

    “With massage, you don’t even realize what benefits you are receiving,” she said. “You feel like a different person and like going home and cooking a healthy meal.”

    Figueroa shares healthy recipes, shopping lists, snacks and fresh produce containing less sugar. She also focuses on specialized diets for clients who are diabetic, gluten-free eaters or have other health considerations.

    “All diets are approved by Dr. Sam. He tells them about their needs and explains why,” Figueroa said. “He helps them understand fruits and vegetables and what each one does.”

    The Figueroas also discuss dairy, alcohol and how foods and beverages interact as well as how to pick a personal trainer whom they also can recommend.

    “We teach discipline first,” Mirka Figueroa said. “Then to reward themselves, we give them a (spa) treatment. We want to heighten mental awareness of why and how to adjust your body.”

    Figueroa said that the younger generation wants to adjust their lifestyle with organic and natural solutions instead of chemicals.
    “People need education,” she said. “It’s not a quick fix anymore. I want long-term happiness for you, which is my happiness. You have to understand that maintenance is the key to life.”

    Even if someone has a facelift, Figueroa pointed out that humans still age and without proper care for the body and mind, a facelift would be money wasted.

    “You have to know how to rest, take care of your skin and body to be happy,” she said.

    Clients can join the program for either one or three months.

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