Holistic Healings




Dowsing is the ability to find objects and the answers to questions that cannot be obtained by the 5 physical senses. The ancient art of dowsing has been misunderstood and condemned throughout history, mainly because it could not be explained how by dowsing, one could find out in great detail about people and places. Very often distances made no difference.


With the aid of one’s super conscious mind, using a suitable device, one may gain unseen information at a distance, (even through material barriers), about a person, creature, object, substance, place or “thing”, beyond the limitations of one’s five senses and so-called logical, thinking mind.

Combination of mental, emotional and intuitive faculties are focused, in right order, upon the object of one’s quest. Presently, the device moves beyond one’s physical control, according to a pre-established code.

Dowsing for health enables Medical Practitioners to determine and locate illness and disease and select the most suitable form of treatment and remedy.

Dowsing for safety enables one to check before purchasing to ascertain whether or not certain foods, drinks or medical drugs are good or bad for you, what vitamins and minerals to take and what quantity. Watch out, your body may accept or need something one day, but not another day.

Dowsing is an intuitional science and can be learned. Divining is not just a gift miraculously bestowed upon a “few”.

The quality of dowsing efforts do vary, depending upon how one approaches the work. To dowse, you must have a suitable device and be simultaneously aware on two planes. We live in two worlds; the material outer and imaginative inner worlds of existence.

As to specifics, there are 2 basic targets – tangible and intangible. Tangible targets are things like “Where did I lose my wedding ring?” or “I’m lost in the woods, where’s my car?” Dowsing is also used to answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions. The answer ‘Yes’ is not a physical target. It is intangible. You can’t touch a ‘Yes’. Other intangible targets are things like auras and energy leys.“Higher” (knowing) mind, flourishes within the realms of intuition and responds to noble questions posed by the “thinking” intellect. Quality and quantities of valuable information may be tapped from this great universal source, beyond material considerations.