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Mantra Therapy


It is believed that mantras work directly upon our karma: the accumulated latencies and tendencies with which we are born. The vibrations of these ancient formulas work through the chakras to increase the flow of beneficial energy throughout the subtle body where these latencies and tendencies are stored. Mantra therapy starts by increasing the total amount of energy available for all of our activities. Certain mantras used singly or in combination can greatly accelerate the quality and quantity of energy used in the healing process. However, if the karmic propensity for a given condition is overwhelming, mantra therapy will not remove the difficulty any more than conventional therapy will. However, it will reduce the karmic baggage you take into future lives.

The energy created through mantra practice may lead one to forms of therapy quite different from the ones used initially. Thus, some unexpected new form of treatment may appear as the result of mantra practice. Investigate it. Ultimately, we do not know through which door the route to recovery might manifest, and it may be in some form of conventional or traditional care of which we had been previously unaware.

A mantra is a mystical energy encased in a sound structure. Every mantra contains within its vibration a certain power. Upon concentration and repetition of a given mantra, its energy is liberated and takes form

There are different types of mantras. Some called Bija (Seed) mantra. They have no exact meaning but act directly on the nerves of astral body. The other type of mantras, having a combination of words, and having some meaning also set up powerful vibrations in the body.

Most common, however is the deity mantras, in which a specific form with attributes is visualized along with the repetition of the sound.

Initiation – If possible, before attempting Japa one should seek out a guru and receive mantra initiation from him. Only those who are themselves pure can give initiation to others. Therefore it is important to find a qualified guru to successfully implant the mantras in the disciples body. If no guru can be found, one may select any mantra that seems appropriate to fulfill his desires, assuming Lord Shiva as his guru and start repeating it with mentally with faith and devotion everyday.

OM is one example of a mantra to improve your life.
1.      “OM ”
 It consist of three letters A, U and M. it signifies three periods of time, the three states of consciousness and all existence. A devotee can feel its effect very soon by including it in his daily routine or meditation.

Many spas will teach you the use of Mantras in meditation see the Chopra Center Primordial Sound Therapy.

At the very basic level mantras help you to concentrate in meditation. And once you enter its auspicious circle, the mind instantly gets focused and you discover a new realm of peace and tranquility.

The original of all mantras, Om, is the root of all sounds, thus letters and therefore of all language and thought. The “O” is generated deep within the body, from inside the navel, and slowly brought upward joining with the “m” which then resonates through the entire head. Chanting Om in a whisper correctly for twenty minutes relaxes every atom in of every cell of your body.