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Past Life Therapy


You saw it on Oprah with Dr. Oz.  “Past life regression therapy includes the mental act of going back to a time prior to this life in order to retrieve memories that may still negatively influence a person’s present life. They are probably the source of symptoms running the gamut from phobias to addictions,” says R.Chandran, a past life therapist.

Past Life Therapy

Past Life Regression is a tool for re-experiencing the lives that we have lived before this current lifetime. It is a guided journey within in order to access our soul’s memories of who, what and where we have been in previous incarnations. It is based on a belief in reincarnation, the concept that a part of us never dies and is born again and again into countless existences. The majority of cultures throughout the world believe in reincarnation and those that do not, believe that there is some kind of existence beyond death.

It can for instance, be very therapeutic in uncovering the physical or emotional issues that we may have in this lifetime. Many people are born with physical or emotional scars that do not seem to have any connection to their experiences. Explanations for these issues that we bring into this life are often found in past life experiences. The recall of this information can often lead to the spontaneous healing of these problems

Under hypnosis it is possible to envision what seems to be a memory from a time other than the life you are presently living. Many of these experiences appear to give credence to the theory of reincarnation.

To experience this, the hypnotherapist guides the client backward in time, through the birth experience and out the other side – usually entering another life time, usually as a witness to their own apparent death. The client may find they are looking out from the perspective of someone else’s eyes.

For more information you may want to read books by Dr. Brian WeissPeople who are healed through past life therapy are people who remember names, dates and geographic details. But perhaps, even more important than curing of physical and emotional symptoms, is the knowledge that we perhaps do not die even if our bodies do.

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