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Bach Flower Remedies


“There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness” – Dr Edward Bach, 1934.Bach Flower Remedies

Roses on Valentine’s Day, chrysanthemum on Thanksgiving, evergreen or holly on Christmas – flowers definitely have an impact on people’s moods. This understanding was converted into a therapy by an English physicist, Dr. Edward Bach, in 1930. Dr. Bach’s Remedies are an easy way to heal oneself of various mental and emotional conditions like fears, anger, anxiety, and despair. Bach Flower Remedies are an effective and private alternative to going to a psychiatrist or counselor.

Dr. Bach noted that all patients reacted differently to the same disease and so there had to be a link between physical health and emotional health. Inspired by his work in homoeopathy and disappointed with the approach towards healthcare in his era, he wanted to discover natural means of healing. That is when he researched the remarkable effects that flower essences have on the moods and emotions of a person. He found that certain flowers correspond to certain human emotions. Hence, he used these flowers as healing aids. He took the flower, immersed in water and kept it in the sunlight for two to three hours. The water, which then became potent, was used as a remedy.

Bach Flower remedies are 38 in number and are strictly English flower extracts. In India, Drs. Atul and Rupa Shah have created extracts of such indigenous blooms as lotus, gulmohar, morning glory and bougainvillea. The Rescue Remedy offered by Bach Flower is particularly effective in treating shock, buying the victim time till medical treatment is administered. There are no known side-effects since the treatment does not involve the administering of any chemicals. It simply uses the energy fields of flowers.


Flower Remedies are increasingly becoming popular, thanks to the media and positive word of mouth. There are several books and online help available on this topic. Flower essences are available over the counter at most of the homoeopathic pharmacies. It is also open to self-treatment. However, it is always preferable to choose professional advice.

Chart of  Bach Flower Remedies