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Biochemic Tissue Salts


This is a rather popular method of treating ailments. There are people who regard biochemic salts as a part-and-parcel of their domestic first-aid kits. Wilhelm Henrich Schussler discovered that when a body is completely combusted at cremation, 12 salts were always found in the ashes. So whoever said that ashes are all that remain of us could as easily have said, salts are all that remain of us.   Schussler called them Tissue Salts.  Biochemic tissue salts are minerals, such as rock salt, that have been prepared using the homeopathic method. There are 12 tissue salts in total.

He then propounded that these salts are really the material basis of organs and tissues of the body. Hence they are particularly important in maintaining the well-being of a person at the organ level. It is the deficiency of one or more of these salts that cause diseases in the body. So, two pills for a headache can cure the same by restoring that salt whose deficiency caused the headache.

There are many books available on this topic and plenty of matter available online too. However, it is advisable that such medication be done under supervision. These salts are available at leading homoeopathic pharmacies in powder and pill form.

Schussler beleived that tissue salts could restore mineral deficiencies that made the body susceptible to illness. The homeopathic method of preparing tissue salts involves mixing 1 part of the mineral salt with 9 parts lactose. This mixture is diluted with 9 parts lactose. It is repeated 6 times in total.

Biochemic Tissue Salts

Conditions Treated

    * Colds, cough
    * Sinusitis
    * Hay fever, allergies
    * Anxiety, depression
    * Muscle aches and pains

Tissue salts are small tablets. They are placed under the tongue where they are left to dissolve.In a typical treatment, Biochemic tissue salts may be prescribed by homeopaths or naturopathic doctors as part of a complete health program, or recommended as self-care. They are recommended either singly or in combination.