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new york, ny  10011

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On Our Deluxe Services Leading Up To  Spa Treat Week

Spa Treat Week Is Back!
From Monday, April 12th

Through Sunday, April 18th
 Book Your $50.00 Treatments Now!

Choose From the Following List of TemptingTreats:

  •  Just Calm Down Massage
  •  Jewelicious Facial
  •  Diamond in the Buff Body Scrub

Our Decadent Sweet Shoppe Pedis
**Also, Ask About All of Our Unbelievable Upgrades!!!

*Offer must be presented at time of booking and may not be used in conjunction with any other promotion or previously purchased

Royal Currency Gift Certificate or Series Package.
Offer does not include party packages or group bookings & may be subject to change at any time*

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