Native American Indian Spa Treatments


Native American Inspired Spa Treatments:


Skaná: The Spa at Turning Stone
5218 Patrick Road
Verona, NY 13478


Inspired Spa TreatmentsThe Native American heritage of the Oneida Indian Nation is alive and well at Skaná: The 33,000-square-foot spa, located at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino, takes its inspiration from time-honored remedies of the Oneida people. The name Skaná actually comes from the Oneida word for peace.

Steeped in American Indian design, spa treatments include traditional Native American herbs, plants, and flowers. Native America heritage is apparent throughout the Spa including artwork representing Oneida Bear, Turtle, and Wolf clans.

The Oneida people believe in harmony and balance between man and nature. They placed great importance on their dreams. The Lavender Dreams treatment promotes a tranquility of the mind, body, and spirit that is so relaxing that guests soon enter “Dreamland.” The treatment begins with a gentle full body scrub followed by a lavender oil massage and an application of warm stones. Relax in the lavender wrap and dream the winter blues away.


Sweat Lodge

The Spa has an authentic American Indian sweat lodge. Draped in buffalo hides, the red willow foundation of the lodge built by the Oneida Indian Nation along with the Oglala and Lakota Sioux tribes of South Dakota. Their interpretation, is an American Indian version so there will be drumming, chanting, and storytelling beforehand.” The Sweat Lodge 3 hour Experience, is used to cleanse the body and purge the spirit, will be led by a representative from one of the American Indian tribes.

Yohutsya: te:

Based on the tradition of using mineral-rich medicinal mud, healing spring water and light massage therapy; this treatment detoxifies and relaxes sore muscles and joints. The balancing ritual commences with a therapeutic mud wrap. The body is then immersed in a therapeutic thermal mineral bath for easing tension in muscles and joints, followed by a luxurious light massage application of minerals and juniper essential oil. This deluxe treatment has a detoxifying and totally relaxing effect.


Moss Spa
117 Main Street
Cold Spring Harbor, NY


Moss Spa Located in the historic and picturesque town of Cold Spring Harbor, New York, is a spa with soul— a place of exceptional warmth and hospitality, where cutting edge spa treatments are combined with yoga and healing arts to beautify from the inside out.

Native American influence

At the heart of Moss Spa’s wellness focus is the integration of ancient wisdom with modern spa treatments and services. The spa incorporates centuries-old therapies and traditions into spa treatments to provide a deep level of holistic healing. In fact, one of Moss Spa’s signature services, the 90-day Total Body Transformation Program, ends with an ancient Native American ceremony: the butterfly release ritual. The 90-day program is designed to offer real tools and solutions to help anyone reach their wellness goals. It includes three months of unlimited yoga classes, nine acupuncture treatments and six massage therapy sessions. Upon completion of the program, participants perform a butterfly release ritual to celebrate the culmination of three months of transformation. As the butterfly release legend goes, after whispering your innermost wishes to the butterfly, it carries them up to the heavens to be granted. “I chose to include a butterfly release ritual in the 90-day Transformation Program because I think that butterflies are a symbol for Moss as a spa,” says Tara. “Butterflies represent transformation and that is what Moss is all about. Above all, Moss Spa is a place to recuperate, relax and transform into the best person you can be.”