Native American Indian Spa Treatments


Native American Inspired Spa Treatments:


Mii Amo
525 Boynton Canyon Rd
Sedona, AZ 86336

Located in the red mountains of Sedona, Ariz., the Enchantment Resort spa called “Mii Amo,” which means passage, journey, or to move forward in the Native American Yuman language. The spa offers treatments from many cultures, including traditional Swedish massage and a blue-corn body polish that relies on an American Indian practice of using the corn for cleansing and purifying the skin.

Guests gathering for morning ritual, the blessing of the oils, sit on a circular bench in a “sacred space,” the Crystal Grotto. Built like a kiva, the Native American ceremonial temple, the round room has a sand floor and is dark despite an opening in the ceiling to connect the sky with the earth. A quartz crystal perches on a petrified tree base in the center of the room. Towards evening the Grotto becomes a place for meditation.  Meditation, drumming and crystal therapy are practiced daily within the Crystal Grotto. 

Mii Amo


The Inner Quest:

A treatment administered by therapists who have been blessed by tribal elders, it incorporates heated basalt river rocks, herbal medicines, and sweetgrass smudging

This treatment was created to honor Native American ceremony and ritual. This treatment itself has been accepted and partially created by the Native American Program Director and the Mii amo therapists. The therapists performing it have been blessed by a local tribal elder. The treatment utilizes plants sacred to Native Americans and is based on the four directions of the Medicine Wheel representing four stages of life. The Circle of Life blanket is used to create the warmth of a sweat lodge and honor the tribal elders, or Wisdom Keepers, who pass down the teaching and spiritual direction. Sweet grass smudging is incorporated to cleanse negative energy and will be burned with the intention to bring good things and experience the positive way of life. Heated massage stones representing ancient tribal ancestors. The combination of the heavy blanket and hot stones creates the warmth of the sweat lodge in this body wrap-like detoxifying treatment.  This beautiful ceremony will allow you to reconnect with your inner self and keep the sacred wisdom of the Native American culture alive.



ShaNah Spa and Wellness Center at Bishop’s Lodge
1297 Bishop’s Lodge Road
Santa Fe, NM 87501


Inspired by the traditions of Native American people, complimented by the comforting locale of a lush valley, the SháNah Spa and Wellness Center at Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa provides a luxury spa experience that brings body and spirit into harmony. 

The spa takes its name from the Navajo word for “vitality and energy,” but the Native American  traditions incorporated here derive from many American Indian tribes as well as eastern Indian massage techniques.  Native Americans recognize that humans are part of nature, and wellness is a matter of balance.  The SháNah Spa offers a natural environment that relaxes the mind and body, and treatments that revitalize the spirit.  Native American traditions include prayer, various types of massage, the sweat lodge ceremony, and the use of all-natural regional herbs.

The SháNah Spa incorporates Native American techniques and herbs:   Treatment sessions begin with an optional Native American blessing.  Massage options include the signature Native Stone massage.  Blue corn meal is used as an exfoliation in the Purification Polish treatment, and the massage oils contain oils of juniper, lavender and sage.

The Sweat Lodge is a traditional Native American spiritual and physical experience that is performed as a ceremony to promote healing. It includes prayers, songs and teachings to enhance the lives of the participants. The Sweat Lodge is by arrangement and is limited to 10 or 12 participants. Individuals and groups are welcome. The Sweat Lodge is not done for a fee but traditionally offerings are made to the Ceremony Leader and Fire Tender, and can take many forms.  A Purification Ceremony or “Sweat Lodge” with a Native American ceremony leader is available by arrangement.