Native American Indian Spa Treatments


Native American Inspired Spa Treatments:


Sundance Resort
8841 N. Alpine Loop Road
Sundance, Utah 84604

Sundance ResortRejuvenate yourself in the Spa at Sundance, a place inspired by the Sioux concept of Hocoka—a sacred environment for the restoration and healing of the body and spirit.

In the six natural wood, softly-lit treatment rooms of our eco-friendly building, we blend Native American traditions, totally natural products and the human touch to bring your body, mind and spirit back into perfect balance.

“Our goal at the Spa at Sundance is to unify nature with the body and soul, as defined by the Native American concept of the Four Winds.

The four directions of the earth bond with the four seasons, the cycles of life, and our physical being, which brings clarity to our connection with the universe.”

Kashe K’atreti Journey

Detoxify and Heal. The percussion method employed in the Ancient Drumming treatment sets the tone for this intensive detoxifying treatment. This 5 ½ hour treatment includes:

  • Native Herbal Wrap
  • Ancient Drumming
  • Four Paths Facial
  • Paraffin Manicure
  • Paraffin Pedicure

Sage & Sweet Grass Ritual

The aromatic, healing herbs of Sage & Sweet Grass are used throughout this treatment, including a Great Salt Lake Mud body wrap and essential oil re-hydration. This purifying, energizing therapy is enriched with the ritual Smudging (sweeping the smoke) of White Sage and Sweet Grass. This treatment truly is the best way to completely experience the Spa at Sundance.

Sage, a powerful medicine and purifier, is burned as a protection against malevolent energies. It is used to establish a sacred boundary and to connect people with the spirit world.

Braided Sweet Grass reminds us of Mother Earth. It’s smoke is used to call blessings and send prayers to the Great Spirit (Wakan Takan). Sweet Grass is believed to carry the deep wisdom of the Earth.

Warming Ginger Scrub

Native peoples from every continent utilize medicinal herbs. We’ve created an original body treatment using the ancient ginger root. Fresh ground ginger root has been blended into organic sugar, and essential oils for full-body exfoliation. While being wrapped in warm blankets, enjoy a detailed head and shoulder massage that relaxes the mind and the body. After a shower we will re-hydrate you with the warming scent of ginger. This treatment is designed to heal seasoned and tired skin and increase circulation.

Native Neroli Body Polish

Native Americans used the Neroli Flower (Orange Blossom) during ceremonies honoring a tribal member’s rise to a state of higher being. We’ve incorporated this original scent into a therapy designed to recondition your entire body. Our therapists use a Citrus Body Polish for a full-body exfoliation. Enjoy time wrapped in warm blankets for a complete head and shoulder massage. After showering and a re-hydration your skin will have a luxurious, radiant glow.

Honey & Cornmeal Body Blanket

In some native cultures, honey was used to cleanse the skin and purify the body after a spiritual journey called “Hanblecheyapi” (Han-Blay-cchay-yapee), also known as a Vision Quest. We’ve taken pure honey and blended it with ground cornmeal to exfoliate, detoxify and repair body and spirit. Your journey begins with a body dry brushing to exfoliate and increase circulation. The pure scrub, rich in vitamins and minerals is massaged onto your body. While snugly wrapped and gently heated in our Pendleton Sioux Story Blankets, your therapist will treat you to a relaxing head and face massage. This indulgence concludes with a shower and a brief massage.