Oprah's Eckhart Tolle – 9th Week are you ready – A New Earth



Share your aha! moments with Oprah.

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Watch This Week’s Class

Now that you know who you really are, it’s time to get a new perspective on life. Find out how to clear the clutter from your consciousness and reclaim your inner space. Watch the Chapter 8 discussion.


Connect with Your Inner Purpose

How many times have you been in the middle of something and asked yourself, “Why am I doing this?” You may need to change the “how” instead of the “what” at hand. Work it out in your Chapter 9 Workbook.


Down-to-Earth Spirituality

She’s got a knack for making matters of the consciousness crystal clear. Spiritual teacher Kim Eng is answering your questions from the message boards in her blog. Read her latest entry and practice her Audio Meditations.


More After Every Class

You can take the Monday night discussions further with Elizabeth Lesser on XM 156! Listen now, or download it and take it with you.


Get Ready for Monday Night

Searching for your true purpose? What if you only had to do one thing to get the answers to life’s questions? Join class live on Monday night to find out what that is. Bring a friend!

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