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The Pain-Body Discussion Continues

The pain-body is a concept that resonates with so many of us. So now that you know you have a pain-body, how do you let it go? It’s time to break free from your past. Work on staying present and alert. Settle in for Oprah and Eckhart’s latest class!


 Watch the Chapter 6 class, and download the theme music.


 See how readers around the world are being awakened!


  Make Time Stop

Now that you’re working to free your pain-body, take it a step further. Find peace in the midst of life’s chaos. Practice this awakening exercise to slow down and take the time to be present.

  Catch Up with Kim

Take your A New Earth lessons one step further. Listen to spiritual teacher Kim Eng’s audio mediations and read her blog.

  Coming Up Monday Night

On April 14, discover the real you—it’s not who you think you are! Join Oprah and Eckhart live Monday night, and watch with your best friends! Send them an invitation.

  Continue the Discussion

Join author and spiritual teacher Elizabeth Lesser and Oprah on XM 156 immediately after each webcast every Monday night at 10:30/9:30c. They’re taking your calls and questions live! Listen in.

  Just Getting Started?

See what happens when hundreds of thousands of people around the world come together at once. Tune in for our live webcast every Monday night! Find a new world within you.

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