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Pink Ribbon Spa Day Head to Toe Day Spa North Carolina

The folks with afternoon appointments at Head To Toe Day Spa on Feb. 22 will get more than just the free services they signed up for.


WHAT: 12th annual Pink Ribbon Spa Day for people who have undergone cancer treatment within the past year.
WHEN: Noon-5 p.m. Feb. 22
WHERE: Head To Toe Day Spa, 1970 Eastwood Road in Lumina Commons
COST: Free, if you have undergone treatment for cancer within the past year
TO REGISTER: Call Head To Toe Day Spa at 256-3370

Heartfelt support and a caring touch will accompany the beauty treatments or massages for cancer patients who participate in the 12th annual Pink Ribbon Spa Day.

As Helen Strickland, a participant in last year’s Spa Day, put it, “I could really feel the energy from the lady who did the massage. I felt like she was praying for me.”

Head To Toe will close its facility to the public from noon to 5 p.m. Feb. 22 and open it to people who have undergone cancer treatments within the past year. Participants may select any one of the following: manicure, pedicure, facial, therapeutic massage, makeup application or scalp treatment followed by a shampoo and styling. Or they can opt for a life coaching session with Ali Barnard, a graduate of iPEC Life Training school.

They will be worked on and taken care of by the Head To Toe Day Spa staff, who will volunteer time and services.

Strickland also pointed out that another real benefit of the day is the chance to meet other women who have gone through cancer treatment, hear their stories and get to know them.

“There is a camaraderie among us,” she said.

The Pink Ribbon Spa Day was conceived by Barnard and Lynn Gibson, Head To Toe Day Spa co-owner along with her sister, Lexanne Bryan. Barnard and Gibson came up with the idea in 1998 and have held this special day every year since.

The day has a personal meaning for Barnard, as she is a cancer survivor, although she refuses to use that term. She says, “I don’t consider myself a survivor because I never thought of myself as being in a war. I prefer to think of myself as a work-in-progress.”

On that first Spa Day in 1998, 35 women participated. Last year, the spa had 90 reservations, and organizers anticipate at least that many this year.

Vanessa James, a staff member who has volunteered at every Pink Ribbon Spa Day, said there is “good, positive energy all day long.” When asked which services are the most popular, she said the pedicure, facials and massage top the list. But that is probably because, as Strickland jokingly pointed out, “Not too many of us need a haircut!” All agreed that the women who participate have an upbeat, positive attitude. And, obviously, a good sense of humor.

In addition to their free service, the participants will also enjoy a catered lunch, courtesy of Tommy Mills and Little Pond Caterers.

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