Pregnancy Spa Treatments


Spa Services that are Good For Pregnancy

Body treatments (Unheated)

Body treatments designed to soothe and moisturize the skin are an excellent way to relax. They may help reduce the dreaded stretch marks.

Caution: Products should be organic and free of essential oils as specified in Aromatherapy essential oils chart. Temperature should not be too warm.


Pregnancy hormones can wreak havoc on your skin, and deep-cleansing or moisturizing facials designed to address common issues like acne, dehydration and even hyper pigmentation, otherwise known as the pregnancy mask, will be beneficial.

Caution: It’s wise to pass on harsh chemical peels that use strong glycolics, or products with retinoic acid, which has been associated with birth defects, during pregnancy. These include Accutane and retinol. Even essential oils can be a problem for hypersensitive pregnant skin and noses. Oils should not be applied directly to the skin.

Spa Treatments Good For pregnancyMassage

Prenatal massage is specially tailored to your changing body and can help alleviate specific discomforts like low back pain and edema, or swelling. I prefer to do a maternity massage on a hydraulic table with a maternity body cushion. Although, some therapists may do a sideline massage. This means that you are lying on your side and bolsters or pregnancy pillows are used to support you. However it is done, the important thing is that it is comfortable for you.

Caution: Reflexology, a therapy which massages the hands and feet, may trigger certain pressure points on the foot that may cause contractions or preterm labor. So, it’s wise to visit an experienced technician who knows exactly what to avoid.

Manicures and pedicures

A good manicure and pedicure is always a nice treat, especially when you can no longer reach your own toes! The foot and leg massage that often comes with the latter can also help relieve the pain and pressure of all those extra pounds you’re carrying around.

Caution: Make sure the salon is well-ventilated in order to evade the strong fumes from nail polish, polish remover, acetone removers and acrylic products. Also consider bringing your own tools along in order to avoid even the slightest chance of fungal or bacterial infection. Your nail technician should know you are pregnant and avoid reflex points that could induce labor.


Any waxing is no problem at all during pregnancy. Well-shaped brows will not disturb your fetus.