Pregnancy Spa Treatments


Masters of Maternity Massage: 

Masters of Maternity Massage: BEFORE YOU GO

Consult your doctor:

Make sure these treatments are right for you

When you book: 

  • Make sure the spa knows how far along you are and what size robe you will need.
  • Ask questions and express preferences:
  • Ask about the experience of your therapist, aesthetician or nail technician.
  • Male or Female Therapist tell the spa if you have a preference




Spa Xanadu, Arcadia CA

Spa Xanadu is located just beneath the Foothills in the city of Arcadia. This quaint century old town has long been known for its outstanding, upscale, and peaceful community as well as appealing attractions, a city retreat where serenity reigns like no other. Their pleasant, dedicated, and highly skilled professionally trained staff welcomes you as part of their family with warmth and comfort. Your special needs are taken into consideration with personal customizing in every detail, making your visit unforgettable. Spa Xanadu understands that Pregnancy affects your body in a multitude of ways. Receiving massage on a regular basis during your pregnancy can be very beneficial to both you and your baby. Excess fluid retention and swelling are reduced while leg cramps, tension, back pain, and headaches are relieved. Your flexibility will be increased, making it easier to adjust to the additional weight and minimizing pressure on your joints.