Pregnancy Spa Treatments


Mama Mio Deluxe Pampering for the Super Mom:

Mama Mio DeluxeMama Mio was conceived in London by three friends, Kathy, Sian and Tanya, who have worked in skincare for ten years. In that time we have had 7 babies between them and realized a need for specific, luxurious and safe creams that help the woman’s skin with the nine month s-t-r-e-t-c-h!

They worked with their favorite chemists and aromatherapists to create perfect pregnancy salvation products for the super mama. They have all been guinea pigs for Mama Mio, as have their friends and friends’ friends. Their products work, leaving a glowing skin, a dreamy smile, and the fragrances form a special part of the memory bank of lovely times. The scent, a blend of 10 pregnancy-specific essential oils, somehow smells just perfect to sensitive pregnant noses. As the demand throughout London grew for the wonderful Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil, they knew it was time to think big. The result is the Mama Mio’s product line which is offered in fine spas along with their Spa Maternity treatment service.

Mama Mio Spa Treatments is available throughout the USA


Mama Mio Mama’s Touch™ Maternity Spa Treatments – There is no other time in a woman’s life when she more deserves to be luxuriously pampered than when she is pregnant.

Mama Mio Mama’s Touch™ is a special program of skin-salvation, indulgent maternity and post-pregnancy treatments designed to relax, comfort and nourish – all specifically designed to be totally safe and effective.

Mama Mio Mama’s Touch™ treatments are all individually created to alleviate the main issues of discomfort in pregnancy – increasing skin elasticity, nourishing parched skin, relieving itchy bellies, rejuvenating heavy legs, easing tired muscles and tension, assisting circulation and reducing water retention.


P9_MaternityHelpful Hints

Use the restroom before your massage:

Pregnant women experience an increased need to urinate throughout their pregnancy. Make sure to use the restroom before your session. If you need to go during your massage just let the therapist know.

Additional Contraindications: 

Any high risk factors or medical problems should be discussed with the massage therapist before the session to ensure that massage is indicated. Including gestational diabetes and pregnancy induced hypertension

Sensitive to scents:

Aromatherapy is offered in many pregnancy massages after the first trimester. Feel free to decline this feature if you are experiencing nausea or sensitivity at the time of your massage.

Verbalize your comfort level:

Too hot, too cold, not enough support? It is important that you feel comfortable and adequately supported by bolsters and pillows during your massage. Please let your therapist know if you are uncomfortable at any time during your session.


Drink Water:

Drink plenty of water, before, during and after the service. It will help to flush the toxins released during the massage form the body.