Pregnancy Spa Treatments


Barefoot & Pregnant 

Barefoot & Pregnant Whether you are pregnant, a new mother, or simply need some well-deserved attention, their unique body and beauty treatments will relax, revive and rejuvenate. All treatments are designed with your safety and comfort in mind, and their estheticians and massage therapists are specially trained to take care of prenatal and postpartum women.

Barefoot & Pregnant is a sanctuary for expecting and new mothers. Designed especially with the prenatal woman in mind, Barefoot & Pregnant offers a place of community where women can come to connect, relax and rejuvenate. They meet the unique needs of new and expecting mothers with specialized spa services, retail therapy and interactive education.

One USA location at the current time:

Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa in Sausalito, CA.


Edamame Spa

Edamame SpaA spa within a maternity store, a Destination Maternity chain, you can shop, and then drop. “Everything is under one roof — from prenatal yoga to the latest maternity wear,” founder Rebecca Matthias says.

At Edamame Spa their philosophy is to offer exceptionally unique and restorative treatments to give balance and harmony to your body and soul. Their treatments focus on healthy solutions while delivering visible results, with an emphasis on making you look and feel beautiful during this very special time in your life.

The mission for Edamame Spa at Destination Maternity is to bring together a unique group of professional spa services including Facials, Massages, and Body Treatments, as well as at-home care products that will address your specific skin and body care needs before, during, and after pregnancy.

Edamame Spa Treatments locations

Pregnancy Massage vs. Non Pregnancy Massage
Viva la difference!

Therapist training: Many massage therapists who regularly do pregnancy massage have advance training specifically in performing prenatal and postpartum massage.

Massage strokes: Massage strokes will vary between the massages and during the different trimesters of pregnancy. This is due to the elimination of some strokes that could cause nausea.

Table positioning: How the woman is positioned on the massage table changes for each trimester. During maternity massage, special tables, side line or maternity pillows will be used.