Repechage Skin Care Comes to Leesburg FL Day Spa


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J Scott Berry wants to bring a little bit of New York City to Leesburg.

Berry, owner of J Scotts Day Spa in Downtown Leesburg, is introducing a new makeup line by Repechage, a New York City-based company.

The spa has already been offering the 29-year-old company’s acne product for a year now with great success he said.

But the makeup is something entirely different the spa is now offering. It’s a mineral, organic blend, Berry said.

“It’s now topping every professional product on the market,” he said.

Up until now the problem with mineral and organic blend makeup products is they don’t give women the coverage they desire, Berry said.

“Women want makeup to give them coverage and makeup that’s easy to use,” Berry said. “Most mineral makeups out there don’t do that.”

Repechage concocted a liquid mineral makeup that gives coverage, doesn’t clog pours and is good for the skin, he said. The new makeup line also does not accentuate the fine lines that come with aging, as most mineral makeups do, he said.

J Scotts Day Spa is holding a huge promotion during May to celebrate Mothers Day and the spa’s four-year anniversary, Berry said.

Spa estheticians will give complementary makeup applications all month. Women who buy a four-layer facial — which includes three layers of seaweed, two massages and fourth layer mineral mask — will also receive a free complementary makeup application.

“We’re running all kinds of specials on facials,” Berry said. “It’s really my salute to women’s month.

For more information about J Scott’s Day Spa call 787-7722.

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