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An Ounce of Prevention – Anti Aging

Whether you have yet to see the first signs of aging in your skin, or you have already received medically supervised age reversal treatments to reestablish the skin of your pristine youth, prevention is the best way to achieve and maintain youthful skin.

Top five ways to avoid skin damage

There are many things we do on a regular basis that accelerates the damage to our skin. Here are the top five things that will damage your skin and how you can easily make a few changes to slow done the aging process:

1. The sun is one of the most dangerous environmental hazards when it comes to harming your skin. Not only can regular, unprotected sun exposure result in premature and severe wrinkling and cracking of skin, but it can also lead to more serious conditions such as skin cancer. Protect your skin. Never go out into the sun without either an SPF moisturizer or a sunscreen on. If you are planning to spend hours out in the sun, then go for a suitable sunscreen; the higher the SPF, sun protection factor, the better. For everyday use, where you are simply travelling to and from work, you can opt for a moisturizer that incorporates UV protection. I like Jane Iredale Amazing Base Loose minerals which has an SPF of 20 in each layer. Anti AgingRecently, I switched to Eminence Organic Skin Care Sun Protection Makeup SPF 30. I switched because I like the convenience of the self contained brushing dispenser. If you already have a favorite liquid foundation, then try Dermalogica’s Solar Defense Booster, you can add a few drops to moisturizer or foundation and it will provide you with an SPF of 30. These are simple to use and are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. If you are going to be out in the sun longer because you are involved in a sport or out in the water, then Skinceuticals Sport UV Defense SPF 45 is one of the most effective and it is waterproof. In the area of UV protection, increased understanding of the role of UVA rays in both cancer and skin aging has led to stronger emphasis on “broad spectrum” coverage that protects against UVA and UVB rays, as well as the introduction of improved UVA filters. In addition, recent research by Proctor and Gamble beauty scientists indicates that the most effective is an antioxidant sunscreen moisturizer combination.

2. Smoking is a major culprit when it comes to the premature onset of wrinkles, and cigarettes can result in deep wrinkling of the skin. Avoid smoking cigarettes, as they rob the skin of oxygen. By quitting smoking or never starting, you will be doing your skin a big favor when it comes to alleviating the worry of wrinkles.

3. Diet is also another important factor, and by eating the right foods (those packed with minerals and vitamins) and avoiding the wrong foods (fatty, rich foods) you can help to keep your body and your skin nourished and replenished. Most importantly, you must drink plenty of water to keep your body and your skin hydrated. Try and avoid excessive alcohol as this actually dries the skin out and will leave you and your skin looking and feeling dehydrated. Eat less meat. Eating meat causes bacteria to grow and die in sweat glands. Avoid carbonated beverages, since they also deplete the body of vital oxygen

4. Avoid swimming in chlorinated or chemically treated water. In addition, chlorine in drinking water damages skin cells.

5. Stress can also play a big part in the condition of your skin, and you can often find those in high-powered jobs suffering from premature wrinkling and aging because of the stress levels often involved in their work. Enjoy some relaxation. Whatever type of job you do or however busy your life is, it is essential to get a decent night’s sleep and time out to relax your body and your mind. Again, this is connected to your skin reflecting the way you feel inside. If you are feeling tired and stressed all the time, your skin will reflect this, and it won’t be long before the lines and facial wrinkles start to appear. Take time out for yourself each day to relax and spend time focusing on yourself.

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