Spa Day Labor Day


Labor Day started as the celebration of the value and dignity of work, and its role in the American way of life. Every day in spas across the nation, spa services are performed with the same honor of those who come for a respite from their everyday hard work. Spas have become a sanctuary where we recover from our busy over scheduled lives. At the spa, we feel honored, respected, celebrated and leave with a rejuvenated mind. We also leave feeling better prepared to handle all that life has to offer to us.

The form that the observance and celebration of Labor Day should take was outlined in the first proposal of the holiday, a street parade to exhibit to the public “the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations” of the community, followed by a festival for the recreation and amusement of the workers and their families. This became the pattern for the celebrations of Labor Day.

Today, Labor Day Weekend is the summer’s last hurrah. Growing up in New York, Labor Day was the last day that the beaches and swimming pools would be open. It marked the end of summer and the beginning of school. Yes, soon, the warm sunny weather will be gone, the leaves will start to fall from the trees and we’ll all be preparing for the festivities of the fall and winter holiday seasons.

Spa Day

You may be heading out for a final summer vacation, in which case you will want to select a location with family activities, fun and a relaxing spa, or you may be staying at home and planning to go to a parade and having a family picnic. In either case you will want to rest up before during and after the activities. Going to a spa is the winning solution.

See some great last minute Labor Day Spa ideas.

Plan some spa time. Call your local day spa to make sure they will be open. Do not wait till the last minute to book appointments. Check the Spavelous Day Spa Directory for the phone number of spas near you so you can find and call your local spa. Looking for a Spa Special, check out Spavelous Spa Deals for Specials near you.

No matter what you choose to do with your Labor Day weekend this year, spend it outdoors with your loved ones! These kinds of activities promote togetherness and a healthy lifestyle, and will create memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.