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Perspiration Causes Foot Odor

Feet have 250,000 sweat glands and can produce as much as 4 ounces of perspiration in one day. This however does not cause foot odor. Foot odor is caused from bacteria on your feet and in your shoes. To eliminate the odor, you must kill the bacteria.  If your feet are also red, swollen or scaly see your doctor in case the smell is actually being caused by a bacterial or fungal infection

How can I keep my feet from smelling?foot odor

Try not to wear the same shoes every day. You should have two to three pairs that are worn on alternate days. The accumulated moisture has to be given time to evaporate properly


If you must wear shoes on consecutive days, use a hair dryer, set on medium, for a few minutes to dry out the shoe. Avoid the high setting as it may shrink the leather of the shoe. Also don’t leave shoes by direct heat.

How can I conquer those odiferous tootsies?

  • Wash feet every day and dry properly between the toes. This applies after swimming or using the gym.
  • Wear clean socks or hosiery every day. Take spare socks if your feet sweat a lot to change into.
  • Wear shoes with leather or Gortex uppers. Hard leather shoes retain more moisture than more porous softer leather shoes.
  • In general natural materials such as cotton and wool are far better for your feet because natural fibers provide a “wicking” effect which absorbs moisture and keeps the feet cool as your perspiration rapidly evaporates.
  • Even more effective are socks made up of synthetic and natural material blends such as Coolmax, Drimax, and Smart Wool which wick sweat away from the skin providing a constant dry layer next to the skin.
  • Spray your feet with an antiperspirant deodorant – the type used for underarms.
  • Wear open sandals as much as possible in warm weather. For leisure, wear well made sports sandals.
  • If your feet smell, wash them using an antibacterial soap. (If this doesn’t work – see a podiatrist)
  • If you use athletes’ foot treatments, follow the instructions properly. Most over-the-counter products need to be used for at least one month (on both feet) for it to be cleared properly.
  • At home, go bare foot as much as possible. Those with diabetes should not go barefoot.
  • If you use talcum powder, shake off all excess otherwise it ends up as soggy clumps between the toes and makes matters worse!
  • Always buy shoes late in the afternoon. Your feet swell throughout the day. 
  • Be sure to put on both pair of shoes, and walk around the store. Shoes should be comfortable when purchased.
  • When possible leave shoes outside in direct hot sun for a few hours as the sunlight helps kill bacteria.
  • Activated charcoal insoles (such as Odor Eaters) can help. But you might find some of the following tips more effective:
  • Try sprinkling Zeasorb powder into your shoes every day. This powder can be found in your local pharmacy or online. It is a special powder that can absorb 3 times the moisture of regular powder. Plus it does NOT contain corn starch which is often added to skin care powders. Avoid corn starch because it only provides food for bacteria and fungi to feed off of which in turn causes more smell
  • Try soaking your feet in tea. Bring 6 to 8 cups of water to a boil and add 4 black tea bags. Remove the water from the heat and, when cool enough, soak your feet in the water for 5 to 10 minutes. The tannic acid found in the tea will temporarily reduce sweat production as well as kill bacteria

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