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Exercise Your Feet


Most of us know we should exercise our bodies, yet we forget to exercise our feet. 

Regular foot exercise is extremely important.  Remember, there are about 19 basic muscles in the feet and about 18 are attached to the toes. Especially in case of the people who keep wearing shoes for a long time in the day, the toes are not able to move freely. As a result the feet become weak and vulnerable. Foot exercise comes in here for the rescue of your feet. The more exercise you do with your feet and toes, the better and stronger, they will become and we all need a firm foundation.Feet Exercise

Ankle Rotations

Sit with legs crossed. Rotate the feet six times towards each other and six times away from each other.


Ankle Pumps

Move the foot up and down in a rhythmic manner by abridging the calf and shin muscles. Do this exercise at regular time intervals for about two to three minutes in a day.


Towel Curls

Put a small towel on the floor and curl it towards you with just the toes. Do this increase with increased resistance levels by keeping your weight on the end of the towel. Relax for some while and start again. Do the process at least five times.


Toe Raises, Toe Curls

Sit with legs stretched, straight out in front. Bend the toes up as far as possible and then down as far as possible. Do each position and hold for about 5 seconds. Repeat the act about 10 times.


Big Toe Pulls

Put a thick rubber band about both big toes. Pull the big toes away from each other. Hold in this position for about 5 seconds. Repeat them for around 10 times.


Toe Pulls

Put a thick rubber band around all of your toes and spread them. Be in this position for a few seconds. Do the same act for about 10 times.


Toe Squeezes

Put small corks or toe separators in between your toes and compress them for some seconds. Do 10 repetitions.


Marble Pick Up

Put 20 marbles on the surface. Start picking up one marble using your toes and place it into a bowl. Continue until you have picked all the marbles up.


Pick Up Sticks

Put a pencil on the floor and try to pick it up with your toes. This will strengthen the feet.


The golf ball roll

The golf ball roll is to roll a golf ball under the ball of your foot for about two minutes. It is a great way of doing massage on the bottom of your foot. It is best applicable for the people who have plantar fasciitis, i.e. heel pain syndrome, cramps or strain.


Spread um Dano

Sit on a chair with feet on the floor and spread out the toes as far as you can. This will tone up the feet muscles.


Sand walking

Sand walking is the best exercise for your foot. It is suggested that whenever you get the opportunity to be near the sand, just take off your shoes and begin to take walk on sand at the beach. Sand walking not only provides a great massage to your feet; it also strengthens your toes and gives overall foot conditioning.


Tough there are a good number of foot exercise that medical professionals recommend, you should do the ones that your orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist recommends you. He or she may tell you that you should exercise about 20 to 30 minutes at the regular intervals of days, if not daily.

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