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Spa Nail Care

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Foot LooseThe time to take a look at your feet is now, determine what conditions you have and how best to handle it should begin prior to sandal season.  If you are not sure what problems you have, seek the advice of a professional like a nail technician or a podiatrist.  You may have noticed that I did not give instructions for a home pedicure. This is because most pedicures are reasonable priced and as long as you are not a long distance runner or a tennis player (both are hard on their feet), a professional pedicure will last 6 – 8 weeks.  Do your daily maintenance of foot soaking, light pumice stone work, thorough drying, proper moisturizing and shoe rotation and your feet will always be Spavelous.  If you do not have a local nail technician, use Spavelous to locate a spa near you. 

In this issue of Spavelous “Now You Are In The Know” we will look at:

Twenty Fun Foot Facts

Sole Survival … solving your foot problems

Top 15 tips to Maintaining Happy Healthy Feet

Exercise Your Feet

Steps for a Relaxing Foot Massage

Pedicure Safety

Types of Pedicures

Foot Loose and Fancy Free