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Welcome to the Spavelous Spa Shop online store where you can shop for all the important people in your life. (Don’t forget yourself!) We have many great spa gift ideas. There’s no better way to make someone’s day than by giving them a spa gift. There is no better way to make your day than by enjoying an anti aging bath spa treatment after you worked out with your easy to use exercise equipment. Relax, shop from anywhere, and experience the best spa products for your mind, body and soul. Make everyday as special as each day of your vacation days.

Also Spavelous Spa Shop offers perfect gifts for anyone who could use a little indulgence, our hand picked Spa gifts are packed with some of highly recommended spa products or treatments. Product for cleanse and exfoliate to relaxing spa treatments, relax after a busy day of work to keep calm wherever life takes you. Also spa gifts for those whom you love or for taking care of yourself.

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Spavelous Select Skincare Products

Sskincarepavelous hand picked a great selections of beauty and skin products to fit your needs from many best brand name of skincare products, for many needs and budgets.


Chi Tea

CChi TeaHI TEA liquid green tea is a Super Anti-oxidant. One cup of concentrated CHI TEA Green Tea extract is equal to approximately 12-15 cups of regular green tea. It is lab certified, with a quality assurance guarantee, to be free of all known herbicides, pesticides, and fluorides. Plus it contains more than 95% Polyphenols and 62% EGCG. CHI TEA liquid green tea extract is also fortified with concentrated natural extracts of Goji Berry, Astragalus and Lohan Kuo (natural sweetener).


Body Shaper

BBody Shaperody Shaper provides a wide variety of comfortable, easy-to-wear shaper garments that can instantly slim, flatten and enhance all areas of your body (breast, stomach, waist, hip, thigh, buttock, leg, and all other body areas). Shaper garments instantly shape and slim the body by flattening desired areas such as the stomach, waist, hips, buttocks, back, and thighs. Body Shaper can make you look thinner and help hide trouble areas. Additionally, it can also enhance body areas by providing additional curves and padding.