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More and more, men are pampering themselves, being a little “metro” without losing the “macho.”


Whether it’s through manscaping or getting a manicure and pedicure, men are spending


Not everyone knows the term “metrosexual,” but they do know when a guy looks good, and often that starts with some manscaping.


At Face Facts Day Spa in Virginia Beach, Tonnica Armstrong has a lot of male clients.


“Most of the time, a wife or girlfriend is encouraging them to get, like, their back waxes or eyebrows done,” she said.


First timer Dimitri stepped into the spa for an eyebrow wax. Though there was a little pain, Dimitri said it’s “no pain, no gain.”


“A lot of them are really surprised that it wasn’t as painful as they though, and it’s a lot more relaxing than they thought,” said Armstrong.


Most men come to wax something other than their chest, contrary to the movie “40 Year Old Virgin.” In fact, the most popular treatments for men are brows, ears, nose and back.


Being “metro” doesn’t stop with waxing, though. John Brewington’s been getting pedicures for the past year, and said he’s hooked.  “I’m 73, and I got beautiful feet,” he said.


Brewington’s wife encouraged him to come, and while he said he could not repeat what she said to get him there, he is happy she did.


However, Brewington does not consider himself to be a metrosexual.  “I’m sort of ten percent there,” he said. “Ninety percent macho.”


Dmitri, on the other hand, said he does consider himself a metrosexal to some extent, and he’s not the only one.


“It’s becoming quite popular,” said Armstrong. “I’m seeing more and more male clients come in, getting services done. They’re not as intimidated anymore.”


For guys thinking about some of these services and procedures, you have nothing to be ashamed of. It’s pretty mainstream these days.


For women who want to clean their guys up, try a gift certificate. It might be the perfect holiday gift.



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 Face Facts Day Spa /  Virginia Beach Day Spa / VA Spas