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Gift Certificates Receivers Guide


Many questions and complaints come in about spa gift certificates, here are some pointers that will help you to understand your spa gift certificate that you have received and also assist you in making an informed decision about what spa gift certificates to purchase.

You may think that when you receive a gift certificate that there is nothing else you need to know other then who ever gave it to you loves you and wants you to take care of yourself and they care enough to want to help you to make time for relaxation.

However, the best gift you can give the giver is to show them how much you appreciate the spa gift card by using it. So what do you need to know?

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  • Gift cards and gift certificates are money, if you lose them they will not be replaced, so put them in a safe place (but not so safe that you will forget to use it)
  • Make your spa appointment NOW! Use the gift card within 2 weeks of receiving it (otherwise you might forget you have it). A spa service is something to be savored not saved. In addition, if the spa changes ownership or is sold, you may be out of luck. So use your gift card NOW!
  • Gift cards do expire. If you do not use it you may lose it. Check here for the Gift Certificate Consumer Protection Laws in your state. If the spa gift card is one of those National Spa Gift cards, check to see which state’s regulations apply to the expiration date it may be the state of the company that produced it and not the state you reside.
  • Many spa gift certificates DO NOT allow you to use them for discounted services. This is because some of these national spa gift cards charge a large fee (15% – 17%) to the spa to redeem them. If they gave you a discounted service, then they would lose money. If you are buying a spa gift certificate, and you know the spa that the person wants to go to, it is best for you to buy a certificate for that spa that way the person can maximize its value and use it on discounted services and specials. The other draw back to a national spa gift certificate is that you must use the whole value for services; most of them will not let you use a portion for gratuity. If you have questions about the use or redemption of your gift card contact the spa manager prior to your visit. Make sure you get their name and write it down in the event there is a problem later.
  • Check to see if you can use a portion of your gift certificate for gratuity, if not make sure you have cash for a gratuity. Some spas are unable to ring up a gratuity only on their credit card system, so good to check it before hand.

A Safe Choice is a Spavelous Spa Gift Card

Spavelous Spa Gift Cards may be redeemed at any Spa or Salon that accepts

Visa® cards. 


Why Give a Spavelous Spa Gift Card?


Spavelous Spa Gift Cards may be redeemed at any day spa, resort spa, destination spa or salon that accepts Visa®  cards


With Spavelous Spa Gift Cards there are no limitations on what spa services, spa products or spa packages that you may redeem it for.   You may use them on discounted spa services and spa packages. 


Gift Cards may be personalized with recipients name and a special message


Send a free e-card to your spa gift card recipient.


You may check your balance on line or using a toll free number.


Spavelous Spa Gift Cards give your gift recipient the choice of where and how they spend it.  You never have to worry about a spa closing or changing ownership because Spavelous Spa Gift Cards may be redeemed at any day spa, resort spa, destination spa or salon that accepts Visa® debit cards. 




Order Your Spavelous  Mother’s Day Spa Gift Card NOW!

Good at all spas and salons wherever VISA is accepted.

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