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Sugar Damage Health

Sugar Damage Health

Eliminate Sugar … Reverse the Signs of Aging

We all are willing to spend money on skincare products to help reverse the signs of aging. However, the best way to fight the ravages of time is to begin with what we put into our bodies. Americans have become more aware of what they eat, and how it might affect their health. Concerns about the safety of the food supply are on the rise, and increasing nutritional awareness has led to an increase in vegetarian, organic, and health-food options in supermarkets. “Lite” food is in, and indulgence is out. But are Americans practicing what they preach? A closer look at American dietary trends reveals that parts of the American diet are still lacking in nutritional quality, despite consumer demand for healthier options.

Because sugar is addictive, many companies consistently look for new ways to hide more and more sugars to processed foods. Added sugars are found largely in junk foods, but even healthier forms of processed foods regularly contain added sugars. To make matters worse, these processed foods tend to squeeze healthier foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, out of the diet. It’s probably best to try avoiding processed foods as much as possible.

Fructose, the natural form of sugar found in fruit, is sweeter than refined sugar (sucrose), so you should be able to satisfy your desire for something sweet and eat something healthy at the same time. While eating plenty of fruit is healthy, fruit juice is much like refined sugar, so limit it to one cup daily. Honey has slightly more nutrition than sugar, but is still a calorie dense sweetener much like other forms of refined sugar. Likewise, brown sugar is simply sugar with molasses added, and is little better than white sugar in nutritional terms. While artificial sweeteners are sometimes recommended for those wanting to lose weight, they may be even less healthy than refined sugar. It’s best to simply retrain your taste buds to appreciate less sweet flavors.

The more sugar you consume, the more you want; the less sugar you consume, the less you want. Replace sugar with healthier forms of sweeteners (honey, maple syrup, molasses, fruit juice, etc.), and eventually reduce consumption of these. Consume a diet high in complex carbohydrates. Overcome your sugar desire with natural sugars in fruit.

For me, eliminating sugar meant finding sugar free, options that did not contain aspartame, sucrose, NutraSweet or Equal. I found somersweet. Somersweet is made from a delicious blend of natural, sweet fibers. With somersweet, you can finally enjoy fabulous, sweet, guilt-free treats! It is five times sweeter than sugar and you can cook and bake with it. So I can enjoy homemade cakes, pies, ice cream and chocolate pudding with whip cream. I use to put 1 and a half cups of sugar in my chocolate pudding, now I put less than 1 tablespoon of somersweet. I also found a local candy store that makes all of their own sugar free candies. All candies are safe for diabetics, all natural and contain no refined sugars. So going sugar free does not mean giving up foods you like it just means modifying what you eat.

In addition to the elimination of sugars, you can use some external assisters with skincare products and spa services that will expedite repairs. Eliminate the sugar, and increase the amount of anti oxidants and vitamins you consume so your body will be able to repair any damage. Keep in mind that as we age the volume of our digestive enzymes declines, reducing our body’s ability to digest and absorb foods. Supplements such as green tea, vitamin C, zinc, hydrocotyl (centella asiatica / gotu kola), pomegranate, grape seed, alpha-lipoic acid, etc. are loaded with antioxidants and can protect the body from free radical damage. This becomes an easy method of increasing the body’s antioxidant supply when foods and their digestion may not provide the desired volume of antioxidants. In addition, you may find it helpful to take a gram or two a day of omega 3 fish oils, to reduce the sugar cravings.

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