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Sugar Damage Health

Sugar Damage Health

Anti Aging Spa Treatments To Repair Sugar Damage

Skin Lightening Facial

This unique treatment incorporates the use of mild galvanic currents for deep penetration of active lightening gel to inhibit melanin formation, therefore preventing darkening of the skin tone and gradually unifies and lightens the pigmentation, revealing a youthful, supple, and luminous complexion without irritation. For optimum results, a series of this treatment combined with Microdermabrasion and home-care is highly recommended.

LumiLift Facial

(Featured on Oprah and the Today Show) If you are seeking the elixir of youth the LumiLift is complete photo rejuvenation for facial treatment. A non-invasive Micronized current stimulates the muscle to detoxify the skin, lift and tone facial contour and sagging neck, and HF polarized currents smooth out the wrinkles and tighten the skin while pulsating LED lights are penetrated through the skin to increase collagen production to restore plump baby-smooth skin. Resulting in youthful, glowing complexion. Skin feels firmer and tighter. This is a perfect lifting facial for immediate results without downtime. Recommended with Microdermabrasion for exceptional results and a series of treatments to stabilize skin improvements.

Sweet Dreams

Once you have cut back or eliminated refine sugars, you will find that your skin, body and mind will feel better. Like me, you may find that you sleep better and you sleep through the night awakening refreshed and full of energy. You may also find that you will not get sick as easily as you once did. The hyper pigmentation will begin to fade and the natural glow of your skin will come back. Less sugar means less weight, less wrinkles, less health issues and a happier sweeter life filled with sweet dreams. What could be more Spavelous than that! Make sure you contact the spas near you to see what anti-aging face and body treatments they offer and check out some of the beverages that can assist you like Chi Tea and Radiance. Who needs soda when you can have a great tasting nutritional anti oxidant? 

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Anti Aging Spa Treatments To Repair Sugar Damage