The Players Club and Spa chooses MelanSol to Promote Healthy Skin among Members



Showing leadership in their industry, the Players Club and Spa, Naples, Florida, is first to provide Melansol 100 percent natural sunscreen to members and guests to promote healthy skin. MelanSol is a new generation of dual skin protection that combines super anti-oxidants with mineral pigments to provide premium skin protection and verified UVA and UVB protection.
The health, safety and wellbeing of our employees is also important to us, so we will make MelanSol available to them as well, with special emphasis towards those persons that work outside in the sun in
The Players Club and Spa caters to a diverse membership from all over the US, ranging from families with children to super seniors. They will be offering MelanSol through their Spa, where specialists can recommend the proper formula.

“Our average clients are Boomers who wants to lead a more active lifestyle, says Hunt. “They want to hike, bike, walk, swim, play golf and tennis, and go to the beach until they are 90. We are a health and fitness center, so a large part of our membership works out and is conscious of what they eat and what they do to their body. They also understand how damaging the sun is, yet don’t want to give it up because they live in Southwest Florida because of the sun and are very active outside” said Hunt.

MelanSol 100 percent natural sunscreen is a system of dual skin protection that begins working the moment it is applied. The super anti-oxidant rich formula works with the body to provide skin with premium protection from free radical damage, while the zinc oxide provides reflective protection from UVA and UVB radiation across the full spectrum. MelanSol has already been tested according to new (FDA) rules for testing, formulating and labeling UVA protection. Its UVA/UVB protection is displayed on the label.

The super anti-oxidant of choice in the potent MelanSol formula is Bio-Melanin, an extract from the fruit of the date palm. Bio-Melanin is unique because it has a 1000 times greater capacity for capturing and terminating free radicals than vitamin E and green tea alone. The best way to illustrate this is if you think of Bio-Melanin as an airport and free radicals as thousands of planes that land and are prevented from leaving. “Our Esthetician was all for carrying MelanSol” said Hunt. “She understands the effect chemicals can have on the skin.”
MelanSol is great for the environment and perfect for a community pool. Its 100 percent natural, biodegradable formula assures that there are no harmful chemicals to wash off into pools, lakes, streams and oceans.

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