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After you read this, you may be up to booking a hot stone therapy.  Please keep in mind that there are different variations on the hot stone theme, but all use the same basic equipment: flat stones (usually basalt) that are hot and smooth to the touch.  Here is a little bit about each of the other stone treatments.


Known as the original Hot Stone massage, this process was developed by Mary Nelson.  It includes, chakra balancing, clearing, hot stone massage with a specific protocol, spinal layout, neck stones, chakra stones, hand stones toe stones for balancing the elements and may include sage burning. This uses basalt stones, marble stones, Petoskey and or jade stones.  Hot and cold stones may be used.  Find a LaStone Spa.


With origins in Native American culture, warm and cool smooth stones, lubricated with massage oils, are used to gently massage the body enhancing the level of relaxation and providing relief to tense and aching muscles. With Aroma Stone Massage, a customized blending of therapeutic grade essential oils/aromatherapy, used in conjunction with stone massage, creates a deeper level of relaxation. Oils are selected to increase the benefits of your treatment.  Here’s a good massage oil aromatherapy recipe for sore muscles: 

  • 7 drops of birch oil
  • 6 drops of ginger oil
  • 6 drops of peppermint
  • Place the essential oils into a two-ounce bottle. Add olive oil until the bottle is nearly full.  Gentle rotate the capped bottle to combine the mixture. Apply the oil to your skin, and then massage yourself with the heated stones. 

Thera-Stone or Therapeutic Stone: 

Follows a traditional Hot Stone Massage protocol, but utilizes more hand manipulation and other therapeutic modalities to take the massage to another level.  Thera-Stone massage may incorporate, stretching, articulation of the joints and trigger point into the service.  Usually this service will be a minimum of 90 minutes in order to properly accommodate the therapeutic and hot stone massage.

Sacred Stone Healing:

Sacred stone therapy marries the art of stone bodywork with amazing science of Ayurveda incorporating the healing power of marma point therapy and aromatherapy. The stones are not used to replace healing hands but as a powerful adjunct to the massage.

Sacred stone therapy is a 75 minute treatment that includes a marma point facial, it is designed to nurture, sooth, warm, nourish and calm.  Warm crystals and stones are laid upon the body in a sequence following the chakra system.

Heated stones are utilized as compresses on marma points and the chakra systems. Clearing, balancing and energizing the physical and subtle bodies.

During deep tissue and flushing massage therapy is done using a guiding hand to reassure, nurture and stay tuned to the tissue.

A shamanic drum acts as a vibrational healing that stimulates the energy of the stone and moves out unwanted ethereal debris that may have accumulated in the auric field.

Tibetan bells gently signal the end of the sacred stone experience.

This therapy can bring deep tissue release and alignment of the body, mind and spirit.

Hot Lava Lomi:

Lomi-Lomi is a practice that uses the energy of the body to promote inner healing and well being from within.  Lomi-Lomi uses soothing strokes to identify and release specific body tension and energy imbalances through the body restoring circulation and meditative state of relaxation. A Hot Lava lomi incorporates hot stones into the effleurage strokes.

Dessert Stone: 

This hot stone treatment uses hot stones to massage the body.  This is usually performed in spas in Arizona and California.  Each spa has their own definition of what is incorporated into the message so you should inquire as to the specifics.

Hot Stone:

This is a non-descript term used to generally describe any massage where a few hot stones may be used.  Each spa has their own definition of what is incorporated into the message so you should inquire as to the specifics.

Pohaku Hot Stone Therapy:

This Hawaiian style massage ensures relaxation at its blissful best.  Bliss out with this glorious treatment.  Pohaku Hot Stone Therapy or Hot Stone Massage is one of the most blissful and beautiful experiences that you can give yourself.

Based on Hawaiian massage practices, this technique uses carefully selected smooth basalt stones of various shapes and sizes to suit individual parts of the body. These are heated in water, to a pre-determined temperature, and then applied to the body.    

Some of the stones are placed under the body; some are placed on top of the body, usually separated from the actual skin by a layer of towel. Some of the remaining stones are used with oil as massage tools.

Prepare to be surprised. It’s virtually impossible not to succumb to the relaxing effects of this combination of gentle heat and massage.

Kahuna Hot Stone Massage:

In Hawaiian Kahuna Massage, the stones are anointed with oil, allowing them to glide smoothly over the muscles and along the meridians, releasing stress, tension and emotional fatigue. This is an amazing full-body sensory experience beginning with the legs and feet, then sweeping the whole body focusing on stagnant congested areas, reconnecting moves to ground scattered emotions, draining movements on the arms and neck, and rebalancing and calming pressure point techniques on the head.

Tibetan Himalayan Hot Stone Massage

The treatment draws on traditions described in the ancient Tibetan medical text, the Gui Shi. Developed through the collaboration of Tibetan doctors and Joanna Claire, a certified acupuncturist and massage therapist who has lived in the Himalayas for over 20 years, the treatment uses 48 hot stones and fragrant herbs and oil to relieve tension from the body. Hand-carved by a monk in Katmandu, the soft river stones are marked with eight auspicious symbols.

Applied to key points on the body, the heated stones create sensations of comfort and warmth; expand blood vessels and calm the nervous system. This treatment restores well-being and harmony to the body and is usually a 90 minute treatment.

Japanese Stone Massage

Japanese Hot Stone Massage is much more than placing stones along side of the body, or sliding stones over the body. An expert will “hook” into a muscle with the stone and then gently rotate and/or knead the muscle…then apply pressure and use a rapid vibration technique to further relax the muscles and drive the heat deeper. Japanese Hot Stone massage is based upon Anma, the oldest form of East Asian massage.  Anma is rooted in ancient Nepal, Tibet, and western China, where it developed over 7000 years ago.  Anma entered Japan along with traditional medicine, such as acupuncture, and herbal medicine, over 1300 years ago.  Anma is kneading, rotation and vibration-based massage. Anma techniques will be used:

Light stroking technique: This is performed by sliding over the body surface with either up and down or circular motions.

Kneading technique: This is the primary anma technique. It is usually applied by engaging the underlying tissue in a rotating or kneading movement to effectively reduce muscle tension.

Vibration technique: used to disperse the intensity of pressure when treating a sensitive region.  Vigorous shaking also helps move toxins into the blood or lymphatic system.

Various other techniques are employed that truly separate this Hot Stone Massage modality from all others, as it is meant to pleasure the body, as well as the soul.

Euro Stone Facials:

Warmed stones are used to diffuse the heat into the skin and to help aromatic oils penetrate deeper. It provides an immediate release in the muscles of the face. The manual work performed during the facial is the stimulation of the lymphatic system, using stones instead of fingers. In all, there are 14 specific movements in the facial treatment. This is an exceptionally unique facial experience for all skin types.

The benefits provide a deeper elimination of toxins and blockages with a lymphatic draining massage. Skin firmness and vibrancy is improved whilst reducing redness with the hot & cold. It will provide deeper relaxation of the muscles with the heat of stones and a synergistic approach with the aromatic oil. Using the gemstones color therapy, it balances and grounds energy presenting a unique treatment that you will want to experience again and again.

Hot Stone Pedicures:

A relaxing full pedicure for your feet followed by a hot stone massage on your calves and feet.