What is Hot Stone Massage


Stones Glorious Stones

It is extraordinarily timely that in this age of high technology and urban living, ancient stone massage has become one of the most popular treatments in spas and private massage practices today. 

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that hot stone massage is now deemed ideal for people who are highly sensitive to deep pressure. Great for people who need to be more grounded, and provides Prana building opportunities for those who need to get a little closer to nature.  I love a Spavelous Hot Stone massage. The key to getting one is to make sure you are a good candidate for one, as you learned it isn’t for everyone.  Next, interview the spa to make sure that they have the components in a hot stone massage that you feel you need.  Finally, ask the spas recommendation for the best therapist or the therapist who trains others on the procedure.   Do this and you are guaranteed to have a positive hot stone experience every time.

Start here by locating a spa near you for a hot stone treatment.