What is Hot Stone Massage


Those Wonderful Warm Stones

What is the Treatment Process?

Hot Stone MassageA great hot stone massage is more than just adding a few hot stones into a Swedish type massage.  It is an artful application of stones, treatment protocol and customization.  My personal hot stone set has 297 basalt stones and 36 cold stones.  I prefer not to use a stone more than once during a service, so that is why I have more than most therapists. 

There are several ways by which stone massage therapists work on using these hot basalt lava stones depending on the type of treatment appropriate for the clients and their preference.  Not to mention there are several different Hot Stone Massage Treatments.

If you are receiving a LaStone Style Hot Stone Massage, you will be minimally draped.  All private areas will be covered.  Check with the spa beforehand if you have any worries. It’s usually fine to wear a thong or bikini bottoms during a massage and – worry not – your therapist will be highly skilled at preserving your modesty with strategically-placed towels. This massage is designed to flow and do the entire back of the body at the same time.  The flow of you massage will be up one side of your body leg, arm, back, neck and then down the opposite arm and leg.  Therefore, a minimal draping when you are face down is done.  It is very similar to an Indian draping, where the top of the buttocks is covered but the sides of your gluteus and thighs are exposed.  It is best not to wear any restrictive undergarments as it will block energy flow.  If you are uncomfortable with this, they will change the protocol to accommodate your concerns.


The following bulleted information provides you a general outline of how the therapy is performed:

  • The Hot Stones are usually heated to between 120 and 150 degrees in hot water in a roaster.  Personally, I always had my water over 150 degrees and then air cooled the stones to the proper temperature prior to placing them on the client.  The reason I did this is my restaurant background.  Soups, and food needed to be out of the bacteria zone and that was over 155 to kill the germs.  The water should contain a sanitizer, and a Labradorite stone. Labradorite is the stone of transformation and utilization of the subconscious mind. It promotes intellectual, intuitive, and mystical wisdom. Stimulates brain, reduces anxiety and stress. Clears, balances, and protects aura. The stone will be removed from the water using a slotted spoon or rubber gloves.  I prefer to use circular laundry net bags.  This way I can remove the stones that I need at the same time which allows me more time with the client and less time removing stones two at a time.  A good therapist can handle the removal of the stones and the placement on your body for the massage quickly and efficiently and with a minimal amount of noise or distraction.
  • Cold Marble stones are cooled in a freezer or in an ice water bath.
  • The stones are put on a towel and covered to maintain the desired temperature needed for a specific Hot Stone Massage Treatment.