What is Hot Stone Massage


Those Wonderful Warm Stones

The following bulleted information provides you a general outline of how the therapy is performed: 

  • The massage therapist often begins by applying oil or lotion onto your body, which allows the hot stones to glide smoothly along the muscles.
  • If you are having a LaStone Therapy, you will have the following Stones Placed on or under your body:
    • Face Up
      • Neck Pillow Stone (a long cucumber shaped stone under your neck with a towel in between)
      • Hand Stones one placed comfortable under each hand
      • Toe Stones, little tiny stones placed between your toes
      • Spinal Layout (15 – 30 stones about the size of a quarter to half dollar lined up on both sides of your vertebral column under a towel so that when you lie back on them your spinal column goes between the stones.  Larger very flat stones may be placed by your low back near your kidneys and scapula area)
      • Ten pickle shaped neck stones used to massage your neck and be placed to ease tension in your upper back and shoulders.
      • Large effleurage stones to massage your body and tuck under your thighs, ankles and knees.
      • Chakra stones placed on your seven chakras.  These are appropriate for each chakra, sometimes these are larger stones.  When they are placed they will feel heavy, as the massage continues, you will forget they are there.  When they are removed you will feel like all of your burdens are removed.
      • Ovary stones may be placed on woman
    • Face Down
      • A stomach stone ( a large flat stone that fits the contour of your abdomen, should be placed under a towel)
      • A Sacral Stone (a large flat stone that will be placed on a towel over your low back area)
      • Large effleurage stones to massage your body and then they are placed in your hands and on your feet.
      • Scapula stones may be used to perform a stretch of your scapulas
  • The stones are used along with the therapist’s hands in order to get through the muscle areas that hands cannot normally reach.
  • As treatment is carried out pointed, textured stones are used as tools for deep sports massage. Round, flat, warm stones are laid as balancing agents upon specific energetic points along the body, otherwise known as chakras. Smooth, velvety stones are heated in water, and then glided with firm pressure along oiled, sore muscles. Cooled white marble stones refresh the face, refine the pores and soothe inflamed skin. For some people, stone therapy can bring deep tissue release and alignment between body, mind and spirit. For others, it means gently allowing the heat of the stones to soften tension and melt worries away. The experience of an eloquent, deep, structurally restorative and spiritually uplifting stone massage is unsurpassed in its transformational potential. The key is in finding a skilled stone therapist who incorporates highly textured and charged stones at a comfortable room temperature.
  • The working stones are moved in a continuous fashion and turned in the hands of the therapist periodically during massage to give the best heat, then “tucked in” around different locations by the clients body.
  • At no time should stationary hot stones be placed in direct contact with your skin, other than your hands and feet, and these stones should have been allowed to cool sufficiently before they are placed.
  • Qualified therapists monitor the temperature of the stones very carefully, which should result in a very pleasurable experience that is sure to take you back for more. The massage therapist always holds the stones first before touching them to your body, which ensures that the temperature will not be too hot. They will always introduce the stones on your larger muscle group first as these muscle can handle more heat.  Even with all of these precautions, everyone has their own comfort range. Be sure to speak up immediately if the stones are too hot for you.  
  • The oils used in Hot Stone spa therapies will make you feel beautiful, but they can be very hostile towards hairstyles. It’s best to book hot stone treatments on a day when you won’t have to rush out somewhere afterwards.  If this is a concern for you, make sure that the facility has a shower available.  I prefer to book this at the end of the day so I can leave the oils on overnight to moisturize my dry skin.