What is Hot Stone Massage


The Story Behind The Stones

The stones for the Hot Stone Massage are not just random stones.  Each set of stones is made up of paired stones.  These pairs are worked simultaneously on the client’s body.  Therefore, each set of stone must have the same size, shape and weight.  The black stones used in the Hot Stone Massage, contain metal ore and are very dense and heavy heat delivery agents. Energetically, it is said that they strengthen organs and cavities.  They are especially very helpful to the lungs, thyroid and the central nervous system.

The Basalt Stones

Traditionally Basalt is used in the massage process. Basalt forms when molten lava cools following a volcanic eruption. Basalt, itself, is considered a mafic silicate rock, which means they contain iron, magnesium and other heavy elements that mix with the silica and oxygen during the formation process. It is also the presence of these elements that gives basalt stones their ability to acquire, hold, and emanate a consistent and soothing heat for long periods of time.

There are some things which greatly reduce the energy in the stone. Mechanically tumbled stones have less healing power than stones that have been naturally tumbled by the river or ocean waves. Polishing a stone can be akin to sun burning human skin. It is a mechanical process that weakens the stone. When a stone is polished, the surface undergoes a sealing process, greatly reducing or even eliminating its frequency altogether. A stone’s healing potential is determined by the frequency at which it vibrates and its geometrical form. 

Stones radiate heat at various intensities. According to clinical research, the term stone radiance variable can be described as the measured length and rate of time in which a stone gives off heat. Black stones hold heater longer than lighter colored stones, due to the higher content of iron.  These stones also have the highest magnetic intensity.

Stone Personalities are Determined by Shape

Basalt stones are the hardened residue of volcanic eruption, so their personality and energy is eruptive, stimulating and activating. Anyone searching for a new direction in life or in need of a change would do well with an active-stroking basalt massage. This will also help alleviate stagnation on all levels.

The shape of a stone is something to consider as well. A stone placed under the sacrum would ideally resemble the shape of the sacrum bone. A stone placed on the heart would ideally have the shape of a heart. A stone placed on the third eye should resemble an eye.  Stones placed along the erector spinae would ideally have the long shape of those muscles and so forth. 

Rough or Smooth

Some stones have a slightly rougher surface with some non-abrasive edges, while others are silky smooth and perfectly round. It’s like the distinction between microfiber towels and silk sheets. The textured, microfiber surfaces are perfect for deep massage as they grip the connective tissue. They are also better for chakra work.  Their high skin-gripping factor means they don’t slip off the body. The silky stones tend to slide along with greater ease, making them ideal for gliding on sensitive areas of the face. The rougher stones slightly exfoliate the skin, gently increasing kinesthetic awareness, bringing the client back into their skin. The textured stones are more porous by nature, giving them a sponge-like action. This sponge action soaks up energetic debris, negativity and bacteria. As a result, textured stones need more recharging and physical cleaning. Smooth stones are less porous and great for a light, refreshing massage. However, when they begin to cool down, they can be confused with the smooth surface of the palm of a hand. 

Stone Care

Of course, prior to booking a Hot Stone Massage you will want to speak with a therapist about the stone care at the spa.  The stones need to be cleaned and sanitized properly.  In addition, the Stones will need to be reenergized.  This can be accomplished by placing the stones in Epson salts each night.  Periodically, it is also good to place the stones out in the rain or an outdoor waterfall, followed by a day in the sun to refresh their energy. 

Hot Stone Massage