Don’t forget Oct. 16, the day to remember to buy the boss a gift


You may call them the Head Honcho, Chief, Big Kahuna, Boss Man, Boss Lady,Top Dog or some other name.

So as Boss Day approaches — mark your calendars for Oct. 16

What Do Boss’s really want?

So let’s talk gifts. It is Boss Day, after all, and you need to start thinking now about how you are going to show your appreciation. Whether you love your boss or you dislike the person some sort of recognition would be a good idea.  Remember, that what we see and dislike in others are the very traits we deny we posses.  So now is the time to thank your boss and be thankful for your job.  We all can do a lot better when we have an attitude of gratitude.
Forget about pens, desk knickknacks and taking them out to lunch. You want to stand out. You want your boss to think, “Hmm . . . this person is a keeper.

Maybe your boss is stressed, or maybe they are just a workaholic.  At any rate, a Spa Gift Certificate is the perfect relaxing gift.  It says that I know you work hard and you need a break.

You can even purchase a Spa Gift Certificate for your Boss on Line at Spavelous, directly from a spa near you.
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