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Picture Perfect Wedding Day Spa Schedule



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Picture Perfect Wedding Day


Few times in your life actually command all to rise from their seats to feast their eyes upon your beauty as you walk into view. For such an occasion, looking “good” just is not good enough. You need to look once-in-a-lifetime marvelous or Spavelous as I prefer to say it. The enhancement of skin, hair, body and nails takes time, and needs to fit into a pre-wedding timeline in a thoughtful way. Build your beauty action plan using common sense and these tips for a wedding day that presents you at your most confident, beautiful best.

As if planning the wedding isn’t enough, you also have to look after your own wellbeing.  The planning starts and there are several areas that you may want to focus on so you will be the best you can be.  Starting from Head to Toe and every place in between, think about what is important to your look for the wedding day.

The Spa offers so many opportunities to assist you in making your wedding day perfect.  It can start with the perfect Spa Bridal Shower Party, include your spa plan for skincare, body toning and conclude with picture perfect make up.  The spa may be your one stop bridal shop.


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