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Banana Facials

Yes! We Have Some Bananas

Bananas not only make great skin hydrators, they also can improve the health and natural elasticity of your hair. These tropical fruits lubricate the hair, leaving it feeling soft and more manageable. Bananas are also rich in potassium, which strengthens the hair, making it the perfect remedy for all the damage inflicted by processing treatments like coloring and straightening.

The spa treatment Ali’i Banana Coconut Scrub, at the Spa at Manele, at the Manele Bay Hotel, Lanai City, Hawaii tops the list. Skin-smoothing banana and coconut are blended with sea salt to exfoliate and revitalize body skin.

Banana FacialsHome Recipe:

Banana Moisturizing Mask for After Sunning

Ingredients: 1 mashed ripe banana, 2 teaspoons jojoba oil

Mash banana together with jojoba oil so that it forms a creamy paste. Spread a thin layer onto face and neck and let it sit for 10 to 20 minutes. Wipe it off using a warm, wet washcloth; rinse away any remaining residue. Sprits with green tea toner follow with your favorite moisturizer.

While this beauty mask can be used at any time to protect dry, flaky skin, it’s perfect for a sunburned or wind-burned face after a day on the dunes – or on the slopes. The banana acts as a protective barrier for damaged skin, shielding it from further oxidation and allowing it to heal. This is a surprisingly rich mask, so it’s not recommended for oily skin types.

Moisture MaskAvocado Banana Moisture Mask, Juara Skincare

Rich in Vitamins B6, A and F, as well as a variety of fortifying minerals, bananas are one of the most nourishing fruits available. When applied topically, bananas have been shown to help maintain skin’s moisture level, making it an excellent ingredient to hydrate all skin types.