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Peach Facials

Just Peachy!

Everyone wants that peaches and crème complexion. Epidavros Day Spa, Mount Kisco, NY, wants you to relax and take a pampering break this summer with their Peach menu featuring the Peach Moisturizing Facial Masque and Very Peachy Body Wrap. Your complexion will be very peachy after this refreshing treatment Peach Pulp & Juice, high in Vitamin C and beta carotene, and honey, moisturizing and soothing, will leave your skin smooth, firmed and revitalized with a healthy luster. The wrap treatment starts with a light, creamy corn meal scrub to slough away dead skin cells, then covers you top to bottom with a moisturizing and refreshing peach, honey and antioxidant booster mixture Your skin is left firm and radiant.

High in calcium and beta carotene, Carmichael Inn & Spa, features the Peach Dew Body Masque, this moisturizing and enriching treatment restores the skin leaving a natural, healthy luster.

Peach FacialsHome Recipe:

Just Peachy Facial Mask (normal Skin)

Ingredients: 1 medium peach, 1 tablespoons honey, oatmeal

Cook peach until its soft, mash with a fork, add honey and oatmeal until it’s a thick consistency. Apply to skin. Let sit for 10 minutes, rinse well with cool water.

Peach Moisturizing Masque, Eminence Organic Skin Care

Benefits: Intense Moisturizing Masque. This masque is packed with vitamins A, C, B and E, and rich with bioflavinoids making this mask extremely hydrating and rejuvenating. Clients will experience a revitalized and smooth complexion, and during the treatment enjoy the relaxing aromatherapy benefits of the natural aroma oils.